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Chess problems from the IS 318 tournament

Congratulations to Moshe for winning the Junior High Novice section!! 1. Brian Arthur was white here. What should he play? 2. He actually played 22. Rf3 Rxc2 23. Bxc2 Qa5! How should he continue here? 3. Carlos took on h2: 15…Bxh2 16. Kh1. What should he play next? 4. The game actually continued 16…Bd6 17. Nb5  [...]

Puzzles from the PS 124 tournament!

1. Edeli is white in the position above. Her opponent played 9…Bg4. What happens next? 2. Teraab was black in the above position, and his opponent advanced in the center with e4. Is this thematic or just bad? 3. Jorge (black) found a great move here, winning white’s queen. What is it? Danny, with the [...]

Puzzles from the Marshall and FDA tournaments

1. In the above position, Kevin Marin blundered with 10. Ne5. How should Vaughn Soso (black) have responded? 2. Suggest an idea for Avery Jonas (white). 3. James Black was black in this position against Vaughn Soso. The game continued 8…d5 9. Bd3. How did Black now win a piece? 4. Kenneth Martin has gotten his bishop trapped. [...]

Super Duper Cooper!

Jermaine Cooper Leads Team to Victory Jermaine Cooper tied for first at the annual MLK tournament held at FDA.  Jermaine led the team to another first place team victory along with high scoring team members David Kim, JP Garcia and Brian Arthur.  Brian’s rating now stands at  1555 after gaining nearly 600 points in the [...]

Champs Interviewed by Bloomberg Radio

Today some of our seventh grade national champions were interviewed by Monica Bertan from Bloomberg Radio.  Bloomberg Radio is starting a education themed radio program and selected our chess program as their first feature EVER. Stay tuned for the feature when it airs shortly. Isaac, Maya, Justus and James with Monica Bertran from Bloomberg TV [...]

Kenneth Martin Wins PS 98!

Kenneth Martin won the tournament with a perfect 4-0 score! He beat Ashanti Murray and Malik Perry. Haby  1. Kevin Marin had the above position in round one. He’s completely winning, of course, but what’s the best move for white?  2. Jorge was white in the above position. His opponent played 5…cxd4. Should Jorge recapture [...]