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Highlights From the IS 318 Tournament

This past weekend the IS 318 took on many strong teams in the Open section and some players had an outstanding tournament.  Markus Pond had a great tournament by beating both Azeez and Ashanti and his rating will see a big boost. Here is Raphael’s victory over  Chris Mercado

Positions and Photos from the IS 318 tournament

1. Keith is black in the above position and lost after his opponent played 7. Bxf7+ Kxf7 8. Ng5 Ke7 9. Qxg4. What did he miss? 2. Yuxin was on the black side of this Panov, and her opponent just played 9. c5. What are some ideas for black in this position (and in general in panov [...]

IS 318 Kicks Off New School Year with Victories in Chinatown and Harlem

IS 318 got off to an impressive start this school year by winning 5/6 of the sections they competed in. In the FDA tournament held on Columbus Day, IS 318 narrowly won the Open section over really tough opposition. Senior player Issac Barayev went 4-0 in the Open section to lead the team to victory. [...]